We offer wholistic plant health care to protect and nourish your trees. From soil and root remediation to pest management, it is our goal to provide a sustainable and cost effective approach to maintaining the health of your landscape.

Holistic Spray

A holistic, biological approach to pests and disease supports the idea of enhancing the tree's immune system rather than treating just the symptoms. A healthy landscape is about embracing the system as a whole rather than simply treating reoccurring pests and disease. 

Holistic sprays offer nutrition and bioavailability to the soil to help heal poor conditions. This treats the nutrient deficiencies while establishing the building blocks in creating a healthy soil structure. 

This nutritional brew also stimulates the production of phytochemicals in the leaves used by plants to ward off disease. By spraying the crown of the tree, we can colonize the leaves with beneficial microbes that leave very little room for disease to form. These two elements along with the the added nutrition help the tree protect itself and maintain health.

Pest Management

Protect your trees and shrubs with our pest management program and understand why environmental conditions may be contributing to your trees' vulnerability. Learn how we can reduce your landscape's need for pesticides by understanding the root of the problem.

  • Trees in distress become more vulnerable to pests
  • Invasive insects pose significant hazard to overall tree health and vitality.
  • Pests such as the Winter Moth Caterpillar and Hemlock Wooly Adelgid can devastate a tree in a matter of seasons.

Spray Programs

  • Holistic Sprays
  • Winter Moth Caterpillar
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
  • Horticultural Oil
  • Disease Prevention
  • Tick & Mosquito

Soil & Roots

Important to tree health is soil structure, root flare exposure and correct root development. Tree decline can often be traced back to one or a combination of imperfections below the surface. 


Healthy soils have good structure that allow the natural break up of organic matter. Organic fertilizing with beneficial microbes is a sufficient remedy to add available nutrients to poor soil conditions. The re-introduction of organic matter replenishes soils by providing food for the beneficial microbes, that over time feed the trees and help alleviate compaction.

Water, organic matter and microbes work with plants naturally to provide the resources plants need.

  • Promote nutrition, fertility & growth
  • Prevent pests & disease
  • Tolerate stress and drought
  • Alleviate soil compaction


A properly exposed root flare allows the process of oxygen and gas exchange that is imperative to the vitality of a tree. When the root flare is buried, this important exchange is limited causing decay. The tree responds by sending out a secondary root system that lacks proper direction and has the potential to entangle and strangle itself to death. This very common scenario is caused by: improper planting, with soil and mulch being mounded around the base of the tree, or grade changes that took place without considering the basic health of the base of the tree. It is our practice to investigate beneath the surface to diagnose possible root problems and mitigate undesirable conditions. Our objective is to expose the root flare and perform root surgery to promote proper root development and tree vitality.

Plant Health Care

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