Andover Arborists​


Pruning and Cabling

Hazard and damage prevention 
Pest Management 

Whether you are in need of a professional to reduce an overgrown landscape, or to mitigate hazards that pose a risk, Andover Arborists specializes in the maintenance of trees for health.  Our climbing experience and 83 foot tracked spider lift equip us to handle any project. From small shrubs to large trees, we offer a range of services to help keep your trees healthy and safe.

Plant Health Care 
We offer pest management, fertilization, and root flare excavation to promote optimum tree vitality. Our holistic approach is simple, effective, and works with natural products.

Pest Management 
        •       Holistic Sprays
        •       Winter Moth Caterpillar
        •       Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
        •       Horticultural Oil
        •       Disease Prevention
        •       Tick & Mosquito

Holistic Spray
Our holistic spray is designed to help enhance a tree or shrubs immune system while preventing pests and disease. We combine the power of unadulterated neem oil  with an organic plant fertilizer that offers a simple natural solution that vitalizes the entire landscape. This simple blend offers protection against the most common pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. It is even beneficial for flowers and organic gardens. 

Roots and Soil

Important to tree vitality is soil health, root flare exposure, and correct root development. Tree decline can often be traced back to one or a combination of imperfections below the surface. 


Sub-surface organic liquid fertilizing helps:
        •       Promote nutrition, fertility & growth 
        •       Prevent pests & disease 
        •       Tolerate stress and drought 
        •       Alleviate soil compaction 

Root Collar Excavation 
A properly exposed root flare allows the process of oxygen and gas exchange that is imperative to the vitality of a tree. When the root flare is buried, this important exchange is limited, ultimately causing decay. The tree responds by sending out a secondary root system that lacks proper direction and has the potential to strangle itself to death. This very common scenario is caused by: improper planting, mulch being mounded around the base, or grade changes. It is our practice to investigate beneath the surface to diagnose possible root problems and mitigate undesirable conditions. Our objective is to expose the root flare and perform root surgery so your trees will flourish.