Andover Arborists​

Plant Health Care
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Our specialties include the pruning of large shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs. Whether it's a complete pruning rehab or routine maintenance, we strive to promote healthy growth through proper techniques. 


Giving superb care to our plantings helps ensure vitality and longevity to each specimen. Whether planting a feature tree, or a mass grouping, feel secure knowing that we will take the time to protect your investment. 

Our removal services range from invasive saplings, to trees in hard-to-access locations. A rope and saddle climbing operation, we can go where the big equipment can't, and will perform the work safely and efficiently.

Hazard Mitigation & Support Systems

We examine structural defects in trees to assess their risk, environment, and potential to fail. Our hazard abatement plan will reduce a tree's potential to fail by performing proper treatment techniques ahead of time. While hazards such as deadwood or detached hanging branches can be mitigated by crown clean pruning, some situations warrant advanced techniques, such as weight reduction pruning, and/or cabling. Cabling is a technique used to install a supplemental support system to reduce the risk of a hazardous structural defect.

Whether you are in need of a professional to reduce an overgrown landscape, or to mitigate hazards that pose a risk, Andover Arborists specializes in the maintenance of trees for health. Trust that we will take the time to listen and care.